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Laura & Jason - Stokehouse City

During these cold winter months in Melbourne when I trade my black dresses for some pink polka dot flannelette pyjamas, and my heels for some knee high ugg boots; I use this time to not only prepare for the next wedding season, but to also reflect on the joy and beauty I’ve had the privilege of witnessing over the previous 10 or so months. The moments of laughter, tears and that feeling you get when you know you're in the presence of pure happiness, is very much instilled in my memory with each and every ceremony I deliver.

I wish I could write about all of the weddings I do but with my little rug rat always wanting my undivided attention it’s difficult. The rug rat being my 21 month old daughter Mackenzie of course.

There is one wedding though that I simply can’t not tell you about, as in my opinion it was the perfect combination of everything you want out of a wedding… fun, elegance and of course plenty of love…

I’m of course talking about the wedding of Laura and Jason.

After meeting Laura and Jason at a café in Richmond, it only took me about 2min to realise that I desperately wanted to be their Celebrant. They were clearly made for each other and in the process of planning their perfect wedding, but in a fun and relaxed way!

The venue would be the stunning Stokehouse City which previously operated under the name Comme. I was not only incredibly familiar with how stunning this venue is (having spent many Friday nights there during my corporate days), I was also very familiar with their wine list!

The ceremony was to take place at the top of the elegant stair case covered in white and green florals by the very talented Kate Hill Flowers. A giant and very unique netted chandelier would hang from the ceiling creating the perfect romantic lighting, which is always a dear friend to even the most unforgiving dark circles! This chandelier is the venue’s calling card designed by Pascale Gomes-Mcnabb. The fisherman style netting covering the lighting brings a touch of St Kilda to the venue, which is a clear nod to the parent restaurant The Stokehouse which has long been considered a Melbourne icon.

Laura glided up the stairs in her beautiful Inbal Dror gown, a dress so special that post ceremony almost had me in tears and a guest had to ask me if I was OK!! Slightly embarrassing! I don’t think I will ever forget this dress or how Laura looked the moment she became Mrs Luis. It’s like the dress was made for her, even the 2 metre long train that almost covered the entire staircase on her way up. Laura’s bridesmaids in black Alex Perry and the Groom and Groomsman in classic black Hugo Boss suits.

During the ceremony, we spoke about the moment when Jason first laid eyes on Laura and how he thought she was the beautiful girl he had ever seen. How his persistence in getting Laura to go on that first date definitely paid off, as he is now marrying the girl of his dreams. We spoke of how Jason proposed over wine in Tasmania, a place that will now hold a special place in their hearts; and how they plan on doing a lot of laughing throughout their marriage, sharing their passions and dreams as they create a full life together, collecting many wonderful and precious memories.

Soon Laura and Jason will be celebrating their 1st anniversary and I would like to thank them dearly for allowing me to share in their special day, and that their wedding (and that dress!!) will always be one that has a special place in my heart.

Megan x

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